Wellbeing Webinar Bundles

With all of the resources and support you may have in place for employees, have you thought about how you are proactively supporting their wellbeing? TELUS Health Learning can help.

Our Wellbeing Webinar Bundle is a flexible way for you to plan wellbeing webinars on the topics important to your employees and organization without being reactive. From mental health to parenting, we will help you plan ahead to be the supportive organization you want to be.

Plan ahead now with your choice of bundle options
ranging from 6 webinars to 30+!
  • Proactive & Supportive: Plan ahead to provide a variety of wellbeing topics to support your employees with what they need
  • Economical: By purchasing training in advance, your organization takes advantage of an up to 15% discount
  • Flexible: Schedule training at times that make sense for your employees
  • Engaging: Live instructor-led wellbeing webinars that are interactive and engaging

Choose from some of our top webinars below to build your bundle with any of our awareness or specialized seminar topics

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