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Join us for an engaging webinar series from trusted experts.

The TELUS Health Learning Presents series is back

Our TELUS Health Learning Presents webinar series is returning for 2024!

This year, in an effort to be more proactive, we will be tying our event themes to our TELUS Health wellbeing calendar and delivering the webinar events the month PRIOR to any given theme. By hosting the webinars in advance, we will be able not only to educate and create awareness around these important topics, but also to introduce you to a range of products and resources from TELUS Health that align with the upcoming awareness months. This will give you ample time to explore and evaluate your own plans, empowering you to make informed decisions about the most suitable solutions for your organization. 

The Learning Presents series will focus on topics that may not always be in the spotlight. The events will take place virtually to be accessible to a broad audience. Each event will feature a selection of SME’s from our facilitator network, who will discuss the selected topics with a focus on advocating the awareness and understanding that we already acknowledge throughout the year.

This series will focus on the organizational commitments, challenges, and breakthroughs – making it the perfect learning opportunity for leaders and HR, while still providing insight and awareness to all audiences.

The schedule of events is as follows. All events are scheduled for 1 pm EST:

  • March 20th: Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace: Unlock potential and foster inclusivity – Watch recording
  • April 24th: Mental Health at work: Empowering your mental well-being – Register here
  • May 22nd: Embrace equality and inclusivity in the workplace – Register here
  • August 21st: Suicide – a silent epidemic
  • September 24th: Prioritizing Mental Health in the workplace
  • October 23rd: Enhancing well-being in the workplace: The greatest productivity booster