Managing Resistance to Change

A one-hour awareness session that provides practical takeaways in a flexible timeframe
  • 1 Hour
  • Seminar (Awareness)
  • Leader


The natural reaction to change is resistance. If resistance to change is a normal and natural reaction, then resistance should be expected. If resistance is expected, then our change planning activities should be designed to mitigate that resistance. If our change management strategies and plans are designed to prevent and manage resistance, then we are prepared for resistance when it happens. Planning for change is one part, the other is to support and coach people through change, especially those who are resistant. When we’re dealing with change management, it is important for us to understand that change is happening, and transition is peoples’ response to it.


A 1-hour instructor led training session that combines lecture elements with a variety of engaging elements like Q&A, group discussion, as well as polling and chat functionality when delivered virtually