Cultivating Wellbeing in Contexts of Crisis and Media Overload

A one-hour awareness session that provides practical takeaways in a flexible timeframe
  • 1 Hour
  • Seminar (Specialized)
  • Employees and People Leaders


In the context of a rapidly changing and volatile world, our experiences related to a range of crises can impact mental health and wellbeing. Conflict, violence, political, economic and social instability, climate and weather-related disasters, pandemics and other crises related to our health and safety can create anxiety, whether these events are near or far.

How we weather these crises, particularly in a context of heightened information exposure (and overload) from the many media and social media sources we engage with each day, is important for cultivating wellbeing.

This workshop looks at the potential impacts of exposure to crises on our wellbeing, including the ways in which (social) media overexposure can magnify those impacts. Participants will explore strategies for coping and supporting wellbeing.

Modules and Courses

Section 1 – Wellbeing & Exposure to Crisis in the Media

Section 2 – Managing exposure: Informed or Overloaded?

Section 3 – Supporting Wellbeing in contexts of crisis exposure