Coaching is ideal for organizations looking to promote, develop or assist an employee with reoccurring issues
  • Hourly
  • Specialized Programs
  • Employees and People Leaders


Coaching involves establishing a collaborative alliance that is uniquely defined by the employee (coachee) and your organization’s goals. The coaching relationship is a professional partnership between the coach and coachee in a process that focuses on the achievement of clear objectives and goals.

Coaches represent an objective person that the employee can discuss their objectives, career, strategies and goals with. Rather than being a teacher or advisor, the coach facilitates the coachee through a thorough process of professional and personal development. Sessions are dedicated to supporting the coachee in clarifying and pursuing their objectives and maximizing their potential. Results are created through a process that encourages exploration, reflection, goal setting, accountability, and action. We see coaching as a collaborative, threeway relationship between the coach, the employee, and the organization.

Coaching can support your organization in a number of ways:

  • Prevent and/or resolve workplace challenges by providing employees and people leaders with professional support.
  • Provides people leaders with coaching skills that will assist them in effectively leading their team(s).
  • Increases productivity and engagement, and reduces stress.


Delivered as a series of private one-on-one conversations between the coachee and coach.
An initial meeting involving Human Resources and/or management is recommended in order to provide context surrounding the coaching.

  • Each coaching conversation (session) is typically one hour in length and attended in-person by the coachee and coach in a safe, private environment. Depending on the coachee’s needs and/or situation, telephonic sessions can be considered. Sessions are scheduled directly by the coachee and coach via telephone and/or email.
  • Experience indicates that a minimum of eight to ten sessions are needed in order to affect behavioural change, with five sessions being the required minimum. However, the nature of the
    situation will ultimately determine the number of sessions and coaching approach, which will be
    discussed during the initial meeting.
  • Upon the conclusion of the coaching experience, the coach will provide the organization with
    specific feedback and recommendations for next steps if required.

Our Coach Network

Our network of professional coaches is affiliated with the International Coaches Federation, a non-profit organization made up of members and professionals who provide coaching support and advance the
coaching profession through programs and standards.

What participants are saying

“Coaching provided me with the tools to address specific situations and challenging performance issues.”

“Through developing more effective coaching techniques, I was able to help my team achieve better results more quickly.”

“My coach provided me with great support through a disciplined and clear framework that allowed me to refocus and reassess priorities and direction regarding my career and life in general. I gained significant clarity on next steps and moving forward with a renewed outlook.”