Workplace Violence Prevention eLearning for Leaders

An interactive, self-directed eLearning course hosted on LifeWorks Learning’s Learning Management System
  • Self-directed
  • E-learning
  • Leader


This eLearning course will instruct employees on how to prevent, recognize and respond to workplace violence. The people leader version of this workshop, ideal for those in human resources, corporate security, medical, occupational health, risk management, and/or legal roles, will additionally address legislation.

This program is designed to:

  • Raises awareness of harassment and violence and its impact in a working environment
  • Identifies factors in how each person contributes to the maintenance of a positive and safe working environment
  • Promotes safety and self-awareness by using education to demonstrate unsafe situations and how to protect oneself
  • Encourages individual accountability by providing education on provincial legislation and the organization’s
    internal policies

This workshop can be customized to reflect the organization’s specific issues and objectives, as well as the organization’s own current policies and procedures.

LifeWorks Learning also offers this program specifically for employee groups
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Violence in the Workplace is delivered as 40-minute eLearning course for leaders.

LifeWorks Learning also offers this topic in an instructor-led workshop format

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