The Leader and Workplace Today

A 1.5 hour workshop for Leaders/Managers who are managing the realities of today’s workforce and their want/need to develop new skills.
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Workshop
  • Leader


Due to the world pandemic, leaders, organizations and employees alike have been asked to change – in some ways dramatically.  We as Leaders were not prepared for what was going to be asked of us as it related to work and the leadership of our people, work place and technologies.  Our new reality, thrust on us with little preparation, was likely not something we ever felt was possible and we have been stretched in unfamiliar ways.  We learned as we went and flexed to the best of our abilities.

This Workshop is a safe place to discuss and uncover where you are at as a Leader and for you to gain confidence and insights through identifying your current state and learning some new practical skills.  We will explore the  new work realities of remote, hybrid and virtual and provide leaders with tools to address their needs and those of their employees.


TELUS Health Learning workshops go beyond awareness, and allow participants to practice and engage with the topic. Facilitated in small groups, participants can expect learning activities like small-group discussion, breakout rooms, role-play, scenario-based learning – as well as more standard elements like Q&A, polling and chat functionality.