Resiliency at work – Challenging situations

A half-day workshop for both employees and leaders that builds foundational knowledge, allows for the opportunity to discuss and practice, and builds audience-specific skills in a small-group setting.
  • Half-day
  • Workshop
  • Employees and People Leaders


Resilience is often described as your ability to bounce back from adversity. Being resilient is an important building block of individual and organizational health and well-being. Everyone is born with a natural resilience. This workshop will teach participants that with improved self-awareness and practice, they can continue to strengthen and develop their abilities to be resilient in the face of most challenging situations.


Workshops go beyond awareness, and allow participants to practice and engage with the topic. Facilitated in small groups, participants can expect learning activities like small-group discussion, breakout rooms, role-play, scenario-based learning – as well as more standard elements like Q&A, polling and chat functionality