Professionalism in the Workplace for Leaders

A half day workshop for leaders that builds foundational knowledge as well as leadership-specific skills in a small-group setting
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  • Workshop
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Creating and maintaining a level of professionalism is important to the success of any organization. Many workplace “people issues” arise due to the lack of a professional approach between colleagues at work. This workshop charges the individual and the group of co-workers to take ownership, responsibility, and accountability for the development and maintenance of professionalism at work. This workshop will help participants recognize respectful and non-respectful behaviours, and provides them with the tools needed to take appropriate action and develop a respectful environment. This workshop is designed as a key step in the promotion of a respectful workplace training initiative with a focus on promoting behavioural change at work.

LifeWorks Learning also offers this workshop specifically for employee groups

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Delivered as 3 to 3.5 hour instructor-led workshop for people leaders.

This workshop begins with presenting the elements of professionalism and why it is important. Next, the topic of respect will be explored with participants identifying what makes them feel respected. Through role playing they will test their own comfort levels surrounding common workplace behaviours. Bullying and inappropriate
treatment of others will be examined along with strategies for putting a stop to it through action. Participants will
learn how to constructively communicate concerns through the W.I.N Formula. The workshop closing reinforces that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a professional, respectful environment for all to enjoy.

What participants are saying

“Encourages you to be more focused and aware of other people. Every action creates a reaction – hopefully positive!”

“I learned that everything is perception. A simple nothing to you can be huge to someone else.”

“The discussion around gossip and emotional behaviours was great, and also the group exercise of comfort levels. It opened up a good discussion about how other people on the team feel.”

“Learning how to resolve conflict using the W.I.N formula was truly helpful as it provides a great framework that helps us have those difficult conversations. The role playing was really effective!”