Leading a mentally healthy workplace

An interactive, self-directed eLearning course
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People leaders play a pivotal role within the organization by helping to create an environment that promotes mental health. This includes addressing behaviour and performance issues effectively and sensitively. This program encourages people leaders to take an active role in preserving and enhancing workplace well-being. It creates awareness of the impact of mental health issues on individuals and the workplace, and explores The Stages of Workplace Mental Health Support – a six-phase model of best practices for managing mental health in the workplace, namely Prevention, Early intervention, Immediate Intervention, Recovery, Absence, and Return to Work.

This program also explores the people leaders’ responsibilities towards individuals, the team and the business during each stage. People leaders get to explore their role and scope of influence in promoting mental health in the workplace. Through self-reflection and action planning, they are encouraged to apply new skills and knowledge to the workplace. They also learn about the importance of taking care of themselves and managing their own stress.


This online eLearning course uses graphics, animations, and interactive elements to provide a fast-paced, interactive learning experience