Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training

A 1 or 2 day Training Program for employees and their partners
  • Full-day
  • Specialized Programs
  • Employees and People Leaders


Whether your employee is relocating on an international assignment for a year of more, or going on intermittent shorter business trips to another country, Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training will benefit not only the individual, but his/her family and ultimately, your organization’s bottom line. An unprepared expat can cause an array of issues that can have a domino effect on colleagues, managers and trailing family members.

In this one or two day training, the employee and their partner will examine how culture impacts everything we do, at work and at home. Participants will be able to reflect on transitions issues related to their specific family situation, learn about the host culture and its values, beliefs and norms, as well as gain practical hints and tips about daily living and business issues related to their specific assignment and location. Participants will also have many opportunities to reflect on their own cultural assumptions and behaviours, and assess how these may help or hinder them while on the international assignment in a culture different, or similar, to their own.


Our expatriate cross-cultural trainings are highly customized to meet the individual and family needs either pre-departure or after arrival in the host culture. Through a thorough written needs assessment as well as telephonic and/or email connection with one of our cross-cultural trainers, the curriculum will be geared based on the specific interests, concerns and questions highlighted by the
participants before and during the training session.

Typical agenda items include cross-cultural communication, cultural business values, dayto-day practical issues and cultural adaptation