Easing the pressure for Employees

A half-day workshop for employees that builds foundational knowledge and allows for the opportunity to discuss and practice
  • Half-day
  • Workshop
  • Employees


It’s common to experience moments of stress at points throughout your work life. The key is to prevent long-term, intense feelings of stress from occurring. This workshop will provide participants with a deeper understanding and sense of control over the effects of stress. This highly interactive workshop will explore various sources of stress and introduce ways to tackle them with a focus on improved perfor-mance and enhanced well-being.

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Delivered as 3 hour instructor-led workshop for employees.

This workshop begins with an interactive discussion to answer the question, “What’s stressing you?”. From here, the concept of Tipping the Scales is introduced, and participants will identify what factors (stressors) tip the scales for them. Positive and negative stress will be defined; leading to a detailed look at how stress affects us with participants completing a stress index questionnaire. The stress cycle will be explored along with best practice coping strategies.Participants will be introduced to the Change Your Mind, Change Your Behaviour approach to stress management. The workshop concludes with a group activity – assessment of a workplace scenario and recommendations.

What participants are saying

“I now know how to recognize signs of stress in myself and how to speak to my team about it.”

“[This workshop] helps you realize how you react to certain situations and how you could react differently.”

“Change your Mind, Change your Behaviour was great. You need to know your triggers to manage them.”

“Offered some resourceful ideas that I hadn’t thought of – viewing things from a different perspective.”