Dealing with difficult behaviours for Leaders

A half-day workshop for leaders that builds foundational knowledge as well as leadership-specific skills in a small-group setting
  • Half-day
  • Workshop
  • Leader


One of the most frustrating and potentially costly workplace challenges is dealing with difficult situations and behaviours demonstrated by co-workers, customers and clients.

This workshop will teach participantshow to be clear, calm, and constructive in completing required projects while preserving, and even improving, their relationships with others; the essentials of dealing with difficult behaviours.

LifeWorks Learning also offers this topic specifically for employee groups.

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The workshop is delivered as a 3.5 hour instructor-led session that can be delivered in-person, or in a virtual classroom.

An interactive discussion of “What constitutes difficult behaviour?” begins this workshop. A series of participant self-tests help to illustrate the importance of effective listening skills and communication styles. Strategies to deal with high risk situations and responses, and verbal intervention tips and techniques will round out the workshop.

People leaders will role play to learn best practices when stepping in to help in situations where difficult behaviour is present. The aggression cycle and key strategic zones with recommended actions will be explored, and concludes with “Managing Yourself”; essential tips for dealing with difficult behaviours.

What participants are saying

“The case studies were very realistic and offered my co-workers and me a chance to practice handling some pretty tricky situations, in a confident and assertive manner.”

“I really loved the practical skills and can use them in my job.”

“ The workshop was interactive and thought provoking. It was important to understand the affect of stress on difficult behaviour.”