Learning Journey: Mental health foundations

A six-session learning pathway of digestible 60-minute instructor-led learning programs, curated to be delivered as a journey to employees seeking to build skills that enhance their mental well being.
  • 6 hours over 6 months
  • Specialized Programs
  • General Audience


Our second curated learning journey focuses on building a foundation of understanding for mental health in the workplace. Designed to ensure employees are adequately equipped to deal with its various facets. It is a series of engaging and interactive topics, carefully curated and delivered sequentially to empower employees and leaders with the skills to foster their mental wellbeing.

Delivered as a monthly series over six months, employees build upon their knowledge and develop practical strategies to maintain a healthy mind.

What it includes:

  • Six, 1-Hour, evidence-based programs that address key aspects of mental health.
  • Ongoing progression and professional development for employees & leaders alike.
  • Flexible delivery either virtually via webinar, or in-person (where available).


This Learning Journey is made up of six learning sessions designed to be delivered sequentially over a six-month period: