Fostering trust and commitment: Returning to the workplace

A two-hour workshop delivered virtually for leaders that prepares leaders for a return to the workplace in a small-group setting
  • 2 Hours
  • Workshop
  • People Leaders
CA$ 1645
Easily purchase training for your group or organization online. Training is delivered live (via webinar or in-person) by a LifeWorks Learning facilitator. Price is per session, and based on the number of participants. One of our coordinators will reach out to confirm times and dates.


After working virtually during the pandemic, employees are transitioning back to the workplace. People returning to the workplace are different from when they left in March 2020. Stress levels are higher, and general mental health is lower. As organizations prepare to return to the workplace, it is worthwhile to be well prepared. Returning to the workplace can be challenging emotionally. Managers must be attentive and support their team members by understanding their challenges and adopting solid leadership practices. They must also practice self-care as adhering to a self-care plan after managing during a crisis is vital.


Breakdown: Lecture (45%), Interactive discussions (30%), Case study (25%)

The workshop begins with an icebreaker activity that asks participants about their feelings about returning to the workplace. The three phases of transition are examined as well as types of transitions and typical responses to them, and participants assess which phase most closely matches their reality. Next, emotional health is examined, including protective factors, human factors, and work-related needs. A group discussion identifies the key characteristics of a winning and creative team. Best leadership practices are presented and put into practice through two case studies. Self-care practices for leaders are explored. A description of the resources available to managers closes this workshop.