Fostering trust and commitment: Returning to the workplace

A two-hour workshop delivered virtually for leaders that prepares leaders for a return to the workplace post-COVID in a small-group setting
  • 2 Hours
  • Workshop
  • Leader


The pandemic has profoundly changed workplaces. More than ever, organizations have turned to technology to continue their operations. This shift has not been without its challenges. Employees and managers have had to adapt to new ways of communicating, working, and collaborating. As organizations prepare to return to the workplace, it is worthwhile to be well prepared. Returning to the workplace can be challenging in both physical and emotional terms. Managers must be attentive and support their team members by adopting best management practices.


Breakdown: Lecture (45%), Interactive discussions (30%), Case study (25%)

The workshop begins with an icebreaker activity that asks participants about their feelings about returning to the workplace. The pillars for maintaining physical health are examined and a survey assesses which situation most closely matches the participants’ reality. Next, emotional health is examined, including protective factors and human and work-related needs. A group discussion identifies the key characteristics of a winning and creative team. Best management practices are presented and put into practice through two case studies. A description of the resources available to managers closes this workshop.