Walking the Talk : Inclusive Leadership in Action

A 2 hour workshop for leaders that builds foundational knowledge and allows for the opportunity to discuss and practice
  • 2 Hours
  • Workshop
  • Leader


What leaders say and do has an outsized impact on others, research indicates that this effect is even more pronounced when they are leading diverse teams. Subtle words and acts of exclusion by leaders, or overlooking the exclusive behaviours of others, easily reinforces the status quo. It takes energy and deliberate effort to create an inclusive culture, and that starts with leaders paying much more attention to what they say and do on a daily basis and making adjustments as necessary.

Inclusive leadership is not about occasional grand gestures, but regular, smaller scale deliberate actions.


The module will include research stats and insights from a range of sources – Mckinsey, Mercer, Harvard, Deloitte, and Catalyst, including work of authors.  It will include discussions on work situations where leaders will be asked to apply their knowledge of concepts such as ladder of inference, inclusive behaviours, tools and framework for a more inclusive outcome.

During the session, inclusive behaviours and tools will be introduced with leaders to be used during the session. Finally, leaders will participate in a strategy development session identifying 3-5 DEI priority areas and solutions (1 per team).