TELUS Health Learning Forum: Mental health challenges and stigma in the workplace

Leveraging the expertise of our diverse and skilled network of subject matter expert presenters, these semi-structured sessions are designed to be a flexible, responsive option to meet client needs for shorter, larger-group awareness sessions.
  • 1 Hour
  • Learning Forum
  • General Audience


This TELUS Health Learning Forum on mental health challenges and stigma in the workplace aims to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of stigma on individuals with mental health conditions. Participants will learn about common misconceptions surrounding mental health challenges, explore the negative effects of stigma on individuals and the workplace, and discuss strategies to create a supportive and inclusive work environment. 


In contrast to small-group workshop-style learning with standardized content, TELUS Health Learning Forum sessions offer: 

  • 60-minute expert-led virtual sessions that can be delivered to large group audiences 
  • Flexible format designed to highlight presenter expertise while also customized to client context and areas of interest 
  • Combination of information and personal experience and insights: to inspire and plant seeds for further learning 
  • Ideal for introducing particular topics and/or commemorating important days in the annual calendar