TELUS Health Learning Forum: Ableism and Disability Awareness

60 minute large-group awareness sessions on Ableism and Disability Awareness
  • 1 Hour
  • Learning Forum
  • General Audience


This session is designed to build awareness of barriers to inclusion experienced by persons with disabilities in the workplace and the community, and to build understanding of how to interact with and support people with disabilities in a respectful and inclusive manner.


  • These sessions are organized around a series of guiding questions and/or prompts related to the chosen topic.
  • The presenter will work through this series of guiding questions in an engaging and accessible format while also interacting with and responding to audience questions in real time.
  • The questions/prompts that guide the session will be informed by:
    • a) the presenter’s expertise, and
    • b) the session objectives as explored through a client meeting held prior to the session.