Respect in the Workplace For Employees eLearning

An interactive, self-directed eLearning course hosted on TELUS Health Learning’s Learning Management System
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The clearest evidence of respect in the workplace can be found in productive, creative employees who share an awareness and appreciation of each other. When a workplace is lacking in respect, the signs can be destructive: high levels of turnover, conflict, grievances, and low levels of morale, attendance and productivity. This workshop takes a human approach to the workplace issue of respect, providing participants with the tools they need to actively create and maintain a respectful organization.


Respect in the Workplace is delivered as 40-minute eLearning course for employees and people leaders. There are three sections to the course:

  • A Question of Perception. Respect in the Workplace is all about how one’s words and actions can be perceived by others. In this section, participants consider how they would feel in several potentially awkward workplace scenarios.
  • Barriers to Respect in the Workplace. Four main factors contribute to a lack of respect in the workplace. In this section, participants learn how to prevent, recognize, and confront these factors.
  • Overcoming the Barriers. In this section, participants learn strategies for communicating effectively and dealing with disrespectful behaviour. Watching animated videos, they identify the barrier to respect evident in each one and choose the best strategy for dealing with it. The course concludes with an assessment quiz. Results
    are reported in real time and are available 24/7, providing data on completion rates, overall usage, and more.

What participants are saying

“Really helps staff understand their accountability for respect in the workplace to one another and to the workplace at large.”

“It was interesting to find out how everyday behaviour that we take for granted was actually hurting others. It gave us a chance to create some boundaries.”