Mental health in the workplace for Leaders

A half-day (or full-day) workshop for leaders that builds foundational knowledge as well as leadership-specific skills in a small-group setting
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The majority of people living with some form of mental health issue are working among us, coping with symptoms while trying to perform duties. However, mental health issues are often not addressed in the workplace because symptoms go unrecognized. There is a lack of awareness of what people leaders can/should do and because of the stigma associated with common disorders such as depression and anxiety. Even leaders in specialist roles such as human resources or occupational health can feel ill-equipped to address the challenges presented by those experiencing a mental health issue. This workshop will arm participants with practical performance management tools to address behaviour and performance concerns within the workplace that are often indicative of an underlying mental health issue.

TELUS Health Learning also offers this workshop specifically for employee groups

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Half-day: Lecture (30%), Interactive discussions (40%), Case study (30%)
Full-day: Lecture (20%), Interactive discussion (35%), Case studies (45%)

Delivered as a half-day  instructor-led workshop for people leaders. The workshop is recommended for managers and leaders who want to acquire a solid understanding of mental health in the workplace and have hands-on experience managing psychosocial illness. TELUS Health Learning also offers a full-day version of this workshop, which is recommended for human resources professionals and/or front line people leaders who may be managing employee cases of mental health illness disability.

Participants will learn through a series of activities such as: Plenary discussion, breakout sessions, lectures, experience sharing, demonstrations, role plays and case studies.

A definition of mental health will open the workshop followed by an exploration of common types of mental illness to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of mental health in the workplace. The role of the organization in supporting employees will be addressed and strategies for resiliency will conclude the workshop.

The role(s) of people leaders in relation to workplace mental health will be defined and participants will work through case studies to gain a deeper understanding. The goal of mental health in the workplace will be explored as it relates to disability management. Work team considerations will be discussed with a case study highlighting the key points. The workshop concludes with details about the reintegration and return to work process.