Mental Health in the Workplace eLearning for Leaders

An interactive, self-directed eLearning course
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Mental health issues are often misunderstood and stigmatized, and are growing at a faster rate than any other kind of disability in today’s workplace. To prevent misconceptions of mental health issues, employees need to understand what the common mental health issues are. This workshop will not only educate participants about common mental health issues, it will also equip them with the tools to manage these issues and will examine available resources.



This online eLearning course uses graphics, animations, and interactive elements to provide a fast-paced, interactive learning experience.

A definition of mental health will begin the workshop followed by an exploration of common types of mental illness to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of mental health in the workplace. The role of the organization in supporting employees will be addressed and strategies for resiliency will conclude the workshop.

The role(s) of people leaders in relation to workplace mental health will be defined and participants will work
through case studies to delve deeper. The goal of mental health in the workplace will be explored as it relates to disability management. Work team considerations will be discussed with a case study highlighting the key points. The workshop concludes with details about the reintegration and return to work process through a final case study.