Introduction to a Respectful Workplace

A one-hour awareness session that provides practical takeaways in a flexible timeframe
  • 1 Hour
  • Seminar (Awareness)
  • General Audience
CA$ 645
CA$ 1095
CA$ 1295
Easily purchase training for your group or organization online. Training is delivered live (via webinar or in-person) by a LifeWorks Learning facilitator. Price is per session, and based on the number of participants. One of our coordinators will reach out to confirm times and dates.


Respect in the workplace is important because it promotes a fair and healthy working environment among employees. When employees are working in harmony with each other, they are more engaged and productive. Creating and maintaining a respectful work environment is everyone’s responsibility. This 1-hour, informational seminar will help participants gain a broader understanding of respect and harassment and know how they can promote respect and civility in the workplace.


A 1-hour instructor led training session that combines lecture elements with a variety of engaging elements like Q&A, group discussion, as well as polling and chat functionality when delivered virtually