Indigenous Awareness: ReconciliACTION Starts Here

A 2-hr workshop primarily for Non-Indigenous Employees and People Leaders. Provides participants with foundational knowledge about First Peoples in Canada and explores pathways to move forward in the spirit of Reconciliation. Virtual Only.
  • 2 Hours
  • Workshop
  • Employees and People Leaders


This introductory workshop builds awareness of key issues related to colonization and explores the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples’ understanding of the context of Indigenous-Settler relations in Canada. By becoming familiar with key aspects of Indigenous history, culture and identity, and debunking common myths and misconceptions about Indigenous peoples, participants lay the groundwork for building new relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. Participants will also explore steps they can take to act as allies in order to move forward on the collective path of Reconciliation.


TELUS Health Learning workshops go beyond awareness, and allow participants to practice and engage with the topic. Facilitated in small groups, participants can expect learning activities like small-group discussion, breakout rooms, role-play, scenario-based learning – as well as more standard elements like Q&A, polling and chat functionality.