Creating a great family life

A one-hour awareness session that provides practical takeaways in a flexible timeframe
  • 1 Hour
  • Seminar (Awareness)
  • General Audience


In the past, the definition of family seemed to fit into a neat little box; there was mom, dad, the kids, and the extended family. This traditional definition is no longer sufficient to describe this social institution, as the definition of a family is significantly broader today than it has been historically. This seminar explores today’s family life, which can often seem complicated and challenged by circumstances such as divorce, a feeling of lack of time, poor communication, and competition from electronic gadgets. Participants will have the opportunity to see that, despite these issues, it is possible to build a great family life.


A 1-hour instructor led training session that combines lecture elements with a variety of engaging elements like Q&A, group discussion, as well as polling and chat functionality when delivered virtually