The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship

A three-module program that aims to foster anti-racism and equity in the workplace.
  • Full-day
  • Workshop
  • Employees and People Leaders


The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship program is a one of a kind, tailored approach to addressing the social ills of racism that affects all members of our workplace community. It is a timely resource that supports organizations in bringing awareness to the problematic behaviours that negatively affect the lived experiences of members of their workforce; which inevitably impacts company culture, job satisfaction and performance outcomes.

Commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment requires ongoing organizational investment. The Equitable Workplace: Cultivating Attitudes of Anti-Racism and Allyship workshop series assists organizations in achieving this mandate by providing a solution to effectively promote an atmosphere that is free from socially constructed barriers.

Over the course of three modules, participants will explore the critical adoption of anti-racist and allyship attitudes. Delivered by subject matter experts in the areas of anti-racism and equitable practices, this workshop series is designed to provide insights and best practices to foster a healthy working environment for all people regardless of their racial identity. This program supports the development of empathetic and solution-focused interpersonal skills, which can be transferred to a variety of professional settings and situations.


Our workshop series format is comprised of three interactive instructor led modules, each session being two hours in length. Each workshop provides a healthy balance of instruction and participant engagement, delivered through a variety of online learning modalities.

Modules and Courses

Module 1: Challenging what we think we know about racism

This training module is intended to be delivered to all employees and leaders and acts as a foundation
for the small group workshops that follow in modules 2 and 3.

This workshop focuses on deconstructing racism and provides insights in understanding how we
arrived here (meaning the social state of the world today). Learners will gain a historical
understanding of the origins of the social construct of racism and how it has affected each one of us,
equipping them to more easily identify incidences of racism in order to effectively confront it. The
workshop also explores how as a society we individually contribute to the institution of racism
through biases and microaggressions. Learners will have the opportunity to unpack how they
knowingly or unknowingly personally contribute to the racialized social norms around us using
examples of how biases, microaggressions and systemic racism shows up in the workplace, while
discovering tools to interrupt these problematic these behaviours.

Module 2: Anti-Racism in Action: Exploring power, privilege, and allyship in the workplace

This training module will be delivered to small groups of employees and leaders (separately) to build
upon what was learned in module 1.

Building off of the foundation of module 1, module 2 explores how social power and privilege have
roots in racism. It discusses how learners can utilize their spheres of influence to confront racial
prejudice and discrimination to create more equitable work environments. It also focuses on allyship
in the workplace and how to effectively disrupt the status quo. Through the use of examples and tools,
participants will learn how to actively intervene against incidences of racial bias. It will also help those
who are interested in allyship feel more confident influencing the change of practices that result in
racial marginalization within their work environment.

Module 3: Inclusive Leadership: Moving beyond diversity towards racial equity

Complimenting and expanding upon the anti-racism competencies established in modules 1 and 2,
module 3 specifically supports the ways people leaders are called to create inclusive environments
within the workplace. Understanding that this is not an easy task, this workshop addresses the subtle
and very apparent circumstances in which racial inequities occur, not only affecting the success of
racially marginalized persons, but the organization as a whole. Through the use of real workplace
examples, peer discussions, anti-racism best practices and tools, people leaders will learn how to
effectively guide their teams towards a racially inclusive and progressive culture where no one is left