Expect the Unexpected for Employees

A half-day workshop for employees that builds foundational knowledge and allows for the opportunity to discuss and practice.
  • Half-day
  • Workshop
  • Employees


Traumatic events are often unexpected, sudden and overwhelming. This workshop will train participants how to respond in the event of a critical incident—from a robbery to a workplace accident, an incident of serious violence to one of terrorism. Whether your organization has individuals in safety-sensitive positions, public service responsibilities, high-risk industries such as transportation or banking, or is experiencing a higher-than-average level of change, you need to be prepared.

This workshop will prepare your organization to respond quickly and effectively to any critical incident that disrupts organizational functioning. Participants will be equipped with the resources and information to help others resume their routines and address their concerns as quickly as possible with confidence and compassion.


Delivered as 3 to 3.5 hour instructor-led workshop for employees.

This workshop begins by defining and explaining trauma, vicarious trauma and examples of traumatic situations. Participants will discuss what factors can contribute to the crisis reaction that people experience. The group will examine typical reactions to traumatic situations, including mental/psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual. Next, types of supportive interventions offered in Trauma Response Services will be discussed along with a look at the various types of critical incidents and the impact of those on individuals and society. Participants will learn about stress and the importance of self-care following a critical incident. People leaders will learn how to recognize signs of a troubled employee, helpful tips to assist and how to facilitate a discussion with a troubled employee. The workshop concludes with review of additional supports and tips for those key personnel
that will help during a critical incident.