Critical conversations: Conflict management

A half-day workshop for leaders that builds foundational knowledge as well as leadership-specific skills in a small-group setting.
  • Half-day
  • Workshop
  • People Leaders


Often, workplace conflict is caused by a difference of opinion, lack of role clarity, or personality clash. Through instruction and role-playing, this workshop will empower participants with the necessary skills to help address issues between employees. Whether it is between two individuals or a group of people, people leaders will be able to intervene in a non-threatening and supportive way. Participants will also receive the necessary tools to help their co-workers personally handle their situation


LifeWorks Learning workshops go beyond awareness, and allow participants to practice and engage with the topic. Facilitated in small groups, participants can expect learning activities like small-group discussion, breakout rooms, role-play, scenario-based learning – as well as more standard elements like Q&A, polling and chat functionality.