Building blocks for positive mental health

A modular eLearning program designed to positively address mental health
  • Self-directed
  • E-learning
  • General Audience


This program is designed to help employees expand their awareness of mental health so they can maintain their own mental health and offer a bridge to support for co-workers experiencing a mental disorder or temporary mental health problem.


This gamified program contains six short, engaging, interactive modules lasting from 10 to 15 minutes each. They include short quizzes and games to evaluate your knowledge of mental health. But don’t worry; your scores won’t be tracked so you can examine and expand your knowledge in a fun way.

Modules and Courses

Module 1 – What is good mental health?
  • According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, a person’s mental health fluctuates across a four-phase continuum. Learn about the behaviours exhibited and appropriate actions to take at each phase of the continuum.
  • Explore the main components of total health including work-life balance, mental health and financial health.
  • Identify your unique strengths and areas where your mental fitness could be improved with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Meter.
  • Explore the mental health resources available to employees.
Module 2 – Myths and realities of mental disorders
  • Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse are now recognized as a business concern. Learn about the scope of the problem in Canada.
  • Explore the myths and realities of mental disorders. Understanding them helps reduce stigma and encourages people to reach out for the help they need.
Module 3 – Reducing stigma
  • Early detection is crucial when it comes to treating mental disorders. However, people report that stigma is one of their greatest barriers to getting help. Learn how you can help reduce stigma to contribute to an inclusive workplace and help those experiencing a mental disorder to seek the help they need.
  • An imaginary colleague tells you that he has been feeling mentally unwell but is struggling with stigma. Take the quiz to see if you can reduce the stigma and encourage him to get the help he needs.
Module 4 – Exploring emotional intelligence
  • What is emotional intelligence and how can it impact your mental health? Do your perceptions and beliefs affect the outcome of stressful situations? Do you know how to use your emotional intelligence when faced with challenging events? This module provides the opportunity to examine your opinion on these questions through short quizzes and learn simple techniques for increasing your emotional intelligence.
  • Try the Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment – it provides a confidential and informative profile of your strengths in managing negative emotions and reactions in the workplace. The results will highlight areas in which you may benefit most from additional skills training.\
Module 5 – Resiliency and stress management
  • Being resilient helps you deal with most of the challenges life throws your way and even teaches you to thrive in difficult situations. But what is resiliency? What are the behaviours of resilient people? How does resiliency impact your mental health? Through quizzes and games you’ll get to explore these questions. You’ll also learn about techniques to increase your resiliency and get the opportunity to drag and drop your favourite techniques into your Resiliency Toolbox.
Module 6 – Assisting others and asking for help
  • Would you know how to respond if a co-worker needed help or if you thought someone was suicidal? This module explores the Helping Hand technique, which provides guidelines on how to conduct the conversation and help guide the person to professional help.
  • You will also explore how comfortable you would feel asking for help yourself and learn important tips on how to talk about it with friends, family and colleagues.