Skills and resiliency microlearning

An app-based learning platform suited for any device, designed to make it accessible for everyone to build healthy habits and optimize their mental health.

TELUS Health Skills and Resiliency Microlearning is a digital learning solution for the workforce that leverages preventative upskilling to deliver on-demand, personalized practice-based training experiences. The solution helps users build healthy habits and optimize their mental health both at home and at the workplace.

Skills and Resiliency Microlearning offers mental health upskilling experiences that help empower individuals and teams in all facets of life.

Impact on organizations

Skills and Resiliency Microlearning helps drive reach and impact across organizations by addressing mental health challenges in a preventive way, using digital practices that put therapy-grade tools in everyone’s hands before crises arise.
Ready library of marketing materials to drive adoption and usage.
Customer success
Human-led activations, virtual community events accessible to all.
Rich data insights and reporting, with industry benchmarking.
Actionable insights
Immediately address high-risk areas across your workforce with preventive upskilling at an individual and group level.

NOTE: Skills and Resiliency Microlearning is powered by headversity, so users will be asked to download the headversity app if accessing via mobile device.

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