Brave Spaces

These sessions provide a safe and open space for employees and leaders to discuss their experiences on a variety of topics such as discrimination, racism, and systemic issues within their organisation.
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Specialized Programs
  • Employees and People Leaders


Discussions are facilitated by a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leader and customized to meet the needs of the organisation allowing employees and leaders to better understand one another and the workplace ecosystem. These sessions will aim to uncover potential blind spots and/or opportunities that can be addressed and implemented. This program is uniquely designed to stand alone or support your broader DEI strategic planning process and organisational mandates.


This program is comprised of 3 phases to be implemented in succession.

Phase 1: Employee Brave Space: 90-minute facilitated discussion

An opportunity for employees to participate in a safe and confidential facilitated discussion with a subject matter expert and share their experiences and concerns as related to discrimination, racism, and systemic issues within their organisation. Further, participants will have an opportunity to learn about skills and resources to address these concerns. At the conclusion of this session, the facilitator will conduct a thematic analysis of the collected thoughts and create a confidential report which will ensure complete anonymity.

Phase 2: Facilitated Debrief

90-minute facilitated discussion and debrief with leadership team – The facilitator will confidentially share the report from the employee brave space session and allow the leadership team to discuss opportunities for implementing next steps within their people and organisation.

Phase 3: Collaborative Brave Space

Both the employee and leadership groups will participate in a 90-minute facilitated discussion to exchange feelings and ideas about how to address the issues uncovered in the workplace.

At the end of the program, a comprehensive report of the findings will be shared with both employees and leaders, along with recommended next steps designed to support your organisation’s unique needs.